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The Directorate General

The General Manager of the Single Window is responsible for managing and enforcing the Group’s general policy under the control of the Board of Directors to which he reports. He is vested with most extensive powers exercised within the limits of the corporate purpose, and subject to those expressly assigned to the General Assemblies or reserved especially for the Board of Directors by legal or statutory provisions. As such, and without this list being exhaustive, he:

  • Ensures the control and management of the Single Window, in compliance with the statutes and resolutions of the Board of Directors;
  • May take out loans and agree to all forms of financial guarantees after approval by the Board of Directors.
  • Is the Custodian of the Funds of the Single Window with financial organizations dealing with the GUCE;
  • Prepares the budget of which he is the authorizing officer, the annual financial statements and activity reports;
  • Recruits, appoints, grades and dismisses staff members, and sets their remuneration and benefits in compliance with the regulations in force, the internal rules, budget forecasts and the Board of Directors decisions;
  • Manages the movable and immovable, tangible or intangible assets of the Group, in compliance with the corporate purpose;
  • Represents the Group in all acts of civil life and in court;
  • Proposes to the Board the internal organization of the Group and signs all contracts and special agreements;
  • Approves technical studies and projects and carries out the execution of all works and orders in compliance with competitive rules;
  • Launches tenders and orders as per the regulations in force;
  • Provides the secretarial services for the Board of Directors and the General Assembly.