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Key dates


Launch of the Single Window for Foreign Trade Operations


Launch of the Single Window digitization


Launch of the very first paperless procedure


Launch of the e-Force Single Form for import


Launch of the e-Force Single Form for export


Extension of electronic payment to the border posts


Organization of the 7th edition of the International Conference on Single Windows.

The Single Window for Foreign Trade Operations (GUCE), an economic interest group established in 2000, is the result of a partnership between the State of Cameroon and economic operators. It was established following consultations between both parties to address the difficulties met while completing import and export formalities at the Douala port. The conclusion was clear: lengthy procedures and ensuing costs which were detrimental to the local economy and led to the diversion of maritime traffic to other ports. To address this situation, Cameroon and professional organizations involved in customs clearance processes decided to set up the GUCE with a view to simplifying foreign trade procedures and reducing associated costs and waiting times through physically and/or virtually bringing all stakeholders together.


The GUCE objectives are as follows:
- Physical and/or virtual grouping of foreign trade formalities to facilitate operations and reduce delays, and where necessary, providing a dedicated unit for each stakeholder to complete their formalities;
- Issuance and dissemination of Cameroon’s declaration documents on foreign trade operations in collaboration with the relevant administrations and operators;
- Management of an integrated digital system for simplifying procedures and maintaining related equipment;;
- Any additional or related operation in line with the corporate purpose intended to enhance GUCE effectiveness and efficiency.

First phase

The physical structure of the GUCE

The GUCE physically gathers most of the public and private stakeholders involved in foreign trade formalities in a single building located at the Maritime Business Centre in Douala. Hence, instead of constantly moving bulky files around from one end of the city to the other and incurring travel expenses, operators now have a single place to go to, the Single Window, for most of their needs, with a few exceptions.

Second phase

The electronic GUCE

This second phase started in 2008 with the launching of the first dematerialized procedures. This phase focused on uploading documents and forms online, authenticating documents, and processing files online, the main goal being to reduce the costs and waiting times of goods at various exit points.